Self Serve 23 & 27 ATMs

The new NCR Self Serve 23 & 27 ATMs have become the new face of ATMs in the industry… 


Ready out of the box to work with NCR Interactive Teller
Assisted Service Software, enabling efficient delivery of
convenient live teller service across extended hours
and locations.

POS Machines


ATM Cards and Card Personalization Solutions


Cheque Scanner

  • Simple to Operate
  • Engineered for Durability
  • Exceptional Image Quality
  • Scan Speeds up to 150 DPM
  • Ultraviolet Image Capture

As Digital Check’s fourth generation auto-feed scanner, the TellerScan represents a legacy of proven performance and reliability.

Note Counting and Note Sorting Machine

The EV8650 is the premium model from Glory’s EV-86 Series

of currency counters. It is the most advanced currency counter

ever designed by Glory and is designed specifically with counting

efficiency in mind.

It is the ideal model for users who require a highly efficient and highly

accurate counting solution for medium to large volumes of currency

or where high levels of banknote authentication and maximum

machine flexibility are the primary purchase considerations.